Bill Bulloch    

1958derby1Bill was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, where he was first exposed to woodworking in a High School Wood Shop.  This exposure lead to the construction of Soap Box Derbies for the 1955 and 56 races held in Atlanta and kindled a lifetime of interest in woodworking. 

After High School, he spent the next 21 years in the Air Force, where his woodworking was limited due mainly to the military lifestyle. He did, however, manage to accumulate an assortment of hand tools and work on small projects from time to time. It was only after he retired in 1979, that he was able to devote some serious time to his woodworking hobby.   img_20161024_115817991-copy-copyBack then, he subscribed to a monthly magazine called: Weekend Woodworking Projects. He would take his copy of the magazine to the shop and over the next month build as many of the projects as he could. These small projects fed his obsession and built his confidence in his abilities.   Over the years he continued to refine his art by building furniture , cabinets, wine racks, clocks, outbuildings, outdoor furniture, and two sail boats, just to name a few.  Then, in 2008, he was introduced to woodturning by the Barnesville Woodturners Club and purchased his first Lathe. 

Bill said, that with the purchase of that first lathe he was sucked head-first into theme woodturning vortex…and now spends most of his free time woodturning.  He is fascinated with the patterns and colors that can be achieved by segmenting various exotic woods.  He also likes to embellish texture and dyes into his woodturning. 

Bill’s work is displayed at the Lamar Arts Center, the Jackson Art Council and for the past six years at the Georgia National Fair where he has received many awards.   He was awarded the People’s Choice Award at the 2015 Turning Southern Style Woodturning Symposium for this pictured laminated piece.  He said that he was humbled to have his work recognized by his fellow Woodturners.

Bill and his wife Virginia now live in Griffin, Georgia, where for the three years period (2014– 2016), he was President of the Barnesville Woodturners Club.  He also, belongs to the Middle Georgia Woodturners, the American Association of Woodturners (AAW), and The Segmented Woodturners Association (a chapter of the AAW).